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The Middle East Studies Center (MESC), an area studies center of the Office of International Affairs at the Ohio State University, is the central hub for Middle East Studies at OSU. Our e-books, support for online learning, and our personal delivery of content to teachers, schools, and community venues, make us a local, national, and international resource center. We conduct extensive training for schools and the military, provide ongoing media analysis (delivering 50 media interviews per year), and continually work to strengthen Middle East Studies at OSU by supporting courses, online cross-cultural conversationsenrichment activities, forums on water, library resources and other opportunities for students.  Please consider donating, signing up for email announcements:, and/or joining us on social media; Facebook/mesc.osuTwitter/mesc_OSUGoogle+ . 


MESC supports language learning, creates opportunities for authentic cross-cultural interaction, and serves as a clearing house of information regarding professional opportunities, funding and resources for learning to faculty, students and the general public.  MESC leverages grant funds and seeds positions to provide continuity in curriculum focused on the Middle East at OSU, and regularly contributes to the library in order to ensure that research about the Middle East and in the languages of the Middle East can continue to be of the highest caliber.  This helps attract the best faculty and students interested in the Middle East.  MESC combines efforts with Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC), the Undergraduate International Studies Program (UISP), and the Middle East Studies Library Collections (MESLC), to ensure students, faculty and staff have the support and material enrichment they need to conduct top notch studies, research and education.  



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