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Going There

Factors to Consider for Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

  • Prepare a budget

    • Most scholarships, grants, and loans will ask for the expected living and travel expenses over the course of your study abroad program.  You can schedule an appointment with Scarlet and Gray Financial to receive budget coaching. 
  • Find good references

    • Many scholarships ask for two references from an instructor or employer. More competitive scholarships may ask for three references.  Pick recommenders who could speak highly of your work ethic and adaptability.
  • Write a personal statement

    • Many scholarships and grants require a personal statement to describe your interest and intent in regards to studying abroad.  You can visit the writing center for help drafting a personal statement.
  • Participate in community service

    • Scholarships often look for students who have engaged in community service.  Pay-It-Forward offers Ohio State students with service opportunities and can help refer you to different organizations in Columbus.
  • Maintain strong grades

    • Although most scholarships and grants look at students holistically, it is beneficial to have good grades.  The Dennis Learning Center offers academic coaching and workshops for students.
  • Apply for many types of funding

    • Look beyond one loan, one grant, or one scholarship. There are many options you can explore.  


Financial Resources for Study Abroad

  • Educational Opportunity Grant

    • Federal Work-Study Program
  • Financial Aid Loans

    • Alternative Loan
    • Direct Student Loan
    • Parent (PLUS) Loan
    • Perkins Loan
    • University Loan