Going There


The page is the reference point for our pre-departure orientation pages, or to selected study abroad programs offered at OSU.  Go to the Education Abroad Office's search page to find all of the study abroad programs available for the Middle East.  

Factors to Consider for Funding Your Study Abroad Experience:

• Prepare a budget. Most scholarships, grants and loans ask for your living expenses and travel expenses to the country you choose to do study abroad in.
• Make sure you have someone that can write you a reference. Many of the OSU scholarships ask for two references from an instructor at your college or an employer. Some of the other scholarships ask for three references.
• Have a personal statement written up. Many scholarships or grants require a personal statement. Personal statements can include why you need the scholarship to study abroad, and what you will use it for.
• Do community service. Some scholarships look more favorably to a person that has community service.
• Make good grades. Many of the scholarships, grants and study abroad programs want people that have good grades.
• A combination of funding is usually the best plan. Look beyond one loan, one grant or one scholarship. There are many options you can explore.  

Financial Resources for Study Abroad:

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Financial Aid Grants and Scholarships
• Merit Scholarships
• Need-based Scholarships
• Pell Grant
• SEOG - Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity Grant
• Federal Work Study Program
Financial Aid Loans
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• Direct Student Loan
• Parent (PLUS) Loan
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