Summer Intensive Language Programs

The Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures offers an intensive Arabic language program, allowing both non-OSU students and current OSU students the opportunity to complete either both first- and second-semester (1101 and 1102) or third- and fourth-semester (1103 and 2104) Arabic during the 7-week OSU summer term.
SWSEEL provides participants in Slavic, East European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages the opportunity to complete a full year of college language instruction in eight and nine-week summer sessions. Graduate students, undergraduates, professionals, and others participate in the courses. Under very limited circumstances exceptional high school students are allowed to participate if the student is age 17 or older. Participants come from all over the United States, as well as from other countries.
SWSEEL is not limited to students of Indiana University. SWSEEL will work with international graduate students to help arrange necessary visa support.
All languages offered at SWSEEL begin with first-year instruction, so a previous background in the language is not necessary for success in the program.
Middlebury Language Schools have been helping students build foreign language fluency for nearly 100 years. It all begins with their Language Pledge®: a promise to speak only the language you are studying for the duration of your time in the program. This complete linguistic immersion, combined with rigorous classroom learning and scores of in-language co-curricular activities, helps you achieve dramatic breakthroughs, no matter what your proficiency level.  
During the summer, courses are offered from beginning to graduate level in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish; study is also offered in Hebrew, Japanese, and Portuguese. 
Language teaching at the University of Michigan focuses on four main skills: speaking, reading, writing, and aural comprehension.  Courses aim at providing students with cultural and social contexts to language study.  Placement tests are required for students looking to be in second year of higher courses if previous study was outside of the University of Michigan.
UC condenses the material typically taught during a ten-week quarter into a concentrated three-week format. This allows students taking a three-course sequence over nine weeks to cover all of the material that is usually taught over an academic year. So a student taking a three-course sequence over nine weeks will cover all of the material that is usually taught at the University of Chicago over an academic year.  
The University of Maryland’s School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC) Summer Language Institute offers language and culture programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students of Arabic and Persian. These programs feature the following:
  • Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced level training.
  • Small group time with language partners for additional support, speaking practice, and tutoring.
  • Competitive Summer Institute Scholarships available to help offset the cost of attendance.
  • A focus on building listening comprehension skills through media and current events.
  • Proximity to Washington, DC, allowing for a rich calendar of weekly cultural events and lectures, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with government and business professionals.
  • Small class sizes, 22 contact hours per week, and dedicated faculty and staff members.
The UW-Madison Arabic, Persian, and Turkish Language Immersion Institute (APTLII) is an eight-week intensive summer language immersion program for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals. Courses are offered for academic credit at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (depending on sufficient enrollment). 
Each language class is equivalent to two semesters of study, with full academic year credit. Instruction is given in small groups taught by native speakers and experienced language teachers. The classes are intensive, involving a minimum of 4.5 hours contact hours Mondays through Fridays, plus extra hours for homework.