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2019 Summary of Impact

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) received Title VI National Resource Center and (FLAS) Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship grants for 8 consecutive funding cycles, twenty eight years (1986-2014), generating over 13 million dollars in external funding.  Title VI activities forged lasting partnerships and strengthened our university’s reach in the local community and beyond with regard to education on the Middle East. The Center continues to expand our activities and their impact through collaboration and community-building efforts. We have produced new materials, courses, and programs which expand the audience and reach of most of our events. Most recently, this has included 3 e-books, a curricular unit on WWI, a Pashto textbook, funding a course on immigration, Turkish studies recruitment, cultural training for the military, an e-portfolio of global learning templates, and interdisciplinary collaboration on water in global contexts. The Center serves as a hub at the university for Middle East-related resources, contacts, and perspectives. We work closely with our colleagues in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and the Middle East Studies Collection of the Library to achieve our goals. The following activities highlight areas of growth and collaboration.


  • Introduction to the Modern Middle East International Studies (IS) 2200 (always at full capacity)
  • Contemporary Issues in the Middle East IS/NELC 5645
  • Facilitating online course activities for OSU courses (Turkish 2240 and 3350) with Turkish universities (http://u.osu.edu/globaleportfolio ).

Academic Engagement on Campus


Media Outreach

  • Regular newspaper, T.V., and Radio Interviews: Voice of America; BBC London; and other news outlets, radio and T.V. programs. Robust social media engagement on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Teacher and Classroom Outreach

  • National outreach through the National Council on the Social Studies and the Middle East Outreach Council
  • Thematic workshops and seminars in conjunction with the other area studies centers.
  • Classroom visits and coordination with schools on year-long units

Military Outreach

  • Regular lectures for Central Command (DISCS) at Wright Patterson AFB on the Middle East and Central Asia.


Courts, Law Enforcement, and Prisons

  • Expert witness and cultural consultancy services.