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Topic Introductions

Middle East Studies

Goldschmidt, Arthur: A Concise History of the Middle East, 2005. 

Anderson, Roy, Robert Seibert, Jon Wagner: Politics and Change in the Middle East, 2004. 

The History of Islam, Past and Present

Hodgson, Marshall: The Venture of Islam, 1974. 

Peters, F.E.: Muhammad and the Origins of Islam, 1994

Esposito, John L.: Islam: The Straight Path, 1988


Fishbane, Michael: Judaism, 1987. 

Cohen, Abraham: Every Man’s Talmud,1975. 

de Lange, Nicholas: An Introduction to Judaism, 2000.

Solomon, Norman: Judaism: A Very Short Introduction, 1996.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Kallistos, Bishop of Diokleia: The Orthodox Church,

Meyendorff, John: Byzantine Theology: historical trends & doctrinal themes,

Christianity in the Middle East

Dalrymple, William: From the holy mountain: a journey among the Christians of the Middle East, 1998. 

Arab History and Language

Hourani, Albert: A History of the Arab Peoples, 2002. 

Versteegh, Kees: The Arabic Language, 2001. 

Jewish Studies

Scheindlin, Raymond P: A Short History of the Jewish People Oxford University Press, 2000.

Potok, Chaim: Wanderings. Ballantine Books, 1978.

Kugel: On Being a Jew 1990.

Turkish History

Findley, Carter: The Turks in World History, 2005.

Inalcik, Halil: The Ottoman Empire: The classical age 1300-1600, London, 1973.

Quataert, Donald: The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922, New York, 2000. 

Persian and Iranian History

Browne, Edward G: Preface of The Persian Revolution, edited by Abbas Amanat, pp. xi-xxi and 31-58, Washington, 1995.

Bill, James A: The Eagle and the Lion: The tragedy of American-Iranian relations, Binghamton, 1988. 

Kurds in the Ottoman Empire

Özuglu, Hakan: Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State: Evolving Identities, Competing Loyalties, and Shifting Boundaries, Albany, 2004.