Courses and Programs at OSU

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) at The Ohio State University promotes learner-centered teaching, scholarly exchange, and intercultural experience related to the Middle East. MESC combines efforts with Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC), the Undergraduate International Studies Program (UISP), and the Middle East Studies Library Collection, to support students, faculty and staff.  See: Ohio State University courses and programs in Middle East languages and cultures.  

Thinking of OSU for graduate programs related to the Middle East? Researching the faculty in different departments working on topics related to the Middle East will help you find the best fit.  Browse these faculty members who offer courses with content related to the Middle East. 

Gain Experience and Diversity Training

The Middle East Studies Center offers several ways to support the Center, gain precious work experience, diversity training and an internship for qualified students. 


Courses and Programs Abroad

A number of Middle East-related study abroad courses and programs are offered by OSU (search by region, Middle East and North Africa).  For students who do not require OSU credit (credit can be transferred as "K" credit), it is also possible to utilize a non-OSU program. The countries in the Middle East most frequently travelled to for study or research-related purposes by OSU students and faculty are Israel and Morocco; Tajikistan (a Central Asian county which is predominantly Persian-speaking) and the United Arab Emirates have also been fairly common. Countries under a State Department Travel warning are discouraged. See U.S. Department of State's website for further information.