Undergraduate Funding Opportunities

The American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) was founded in 1984 to promote the systematic study of North Africa among interested scholars, specialists, students, and others concerned with the region.
The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Award amounts vary depending on the length of study and student need with the average award being $4,000.00. Undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at 2-year or 4-year colleges or universities are eligible to apply.
The Department of Defense (DoD) offers scholarships to undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students who have demonstrated ability and special aptitude for training and education in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) fields and offers them career opportunities to continue their research in civil service roles following graduation.
This program is intended to permit students majoring in the humanities with interest and supporting work in international business and trade to spend an extended time abroad to enhance their fluency in the foreign language, their knowledge of the foreign culture, and their understanding of the workings and environment of international commerce. Students must: be sophomores or juniors at The Ohio State University at the time of the application; have completed a minimum of the first two years (six quarters or four semesters) of OSU foreign language study or its equivalent prior to the study abroad experience; be able to demonstrate serious interest in, commitment to, and involvement in, business, commerce, or industry.
These scholarships are for students to study at Middlebury College's Intensive Summer Language Program. The purpose of the program is to address today's critical need for more effective language study. Each individual grant covers the full comprehensive fee (tuition, room, and board) for one summer at the Middlebury Language Schools, plus transportation to and from Middlebury's Vermont campus and program-related expenses. The Kathryn Wasserman Davis grants are merit-based and intended primarily for exceptionally qualified individuals with demonstrated interest in one or more the following areas: foreign languages; international, global, or area studies; international politics and economics; peace and security studies; and/or conflict resolution. 
The National SMART Grant is also known as the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent grant. It is a merit-based grant or a grant given to students based on their academic achievement. Eligible students must pursue a major in physical, life or computer sciences, engineering, technology, mathematics or a foreign language to be used in a national security career.  National SMART grants award eligible students up to $4,000.00 for the academic year. It is important to note that the amount of the SMART grant in addition to the Pell Grant may not exceed the student’s cost of attendance. If the number of eligible SMART grant students is more than the program’s funds allows, then eligible students may receive a reduced amount.
The National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship offer a unique opportunity for U.S. undergraduates to study abroad. NSEP awards scholarships to American students for study of world regions critical to U.S. interests (including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Middle East).
The National Flagship Language Program was developed to address the urgent and growing need for Americans with professional levels of competency in languages critical to national security. NFLP is designed to train participants to reach professional working proficiency in a target language, as measured by the federal Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) level 3 and/or the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) superior level.
The Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship program provides funding to participants as they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the United States Department of State Foreign Service.
Brother Jalal and Mohammed Farzaneh recently donated $100,000 to the University of Central Oklahoma Foundation to establish the Jafar Farzaneh Endowed Scholarship for Iranian International Students. 
The largest U.S. international exchange program offering opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools worldwide.
For biomedical engineers: The goal of the Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program is to assist in the development of professional leaders who are not only superb engineers and scientists, but who also will lead and serve the profession with an international outlook.

Undergraduate OSU Funding

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) at The Ohio State University (OSU) awards fellowships for Summer Semester and the Academic Year under the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship program.  Languages for which awards will be made through MESC are Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Applicants are responsible for examining the courses offered by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and then contacting NELC to verify that their requested level of language instruction will be offered.  Please note: the awarding of FLAS fellowships is dependent upon the availability of U.S. Department of Education Title VI funding.
DISCO, OSU's Diversity and Identity Studies Collective, awards a number of small grants every year, of up to $300.00, to undergraduate and graduate students presenting papers or conducting research.  
The Ohio State Office of International Affairs provides scholarships and grants for undergraduate students. Visit the Undergraduate Student Grants and Scholarships page for a list of study abroad scholarships, international travel grants and funding for research abroad provided by Ohio State University colleges, departments and units, as well some external funding opportunities, including: the Jutta and Peter Neckermann Study Abroad Scholarship, the Endowed Fund for Short-Term Study Abroad, the Francille M. Firebaugh Study Abroad Scholarship, the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship and the Ralph D. Mershon Study Abroad Scholarship. 
The University Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize is awarded annually to at least one Ohio State University undergraduate student. Students enrolled in any upper division undergraduate course (3000 or above) are eligible to participate. Students partner with librarians throughout the research process to produce an award winning project.