Taylor Giordullo

Communications Student Intern
Student Team Members

Taylor Giordullo completed her first year of her undergrad degree at Boston University, and she then transferred to The Ohio State University in Fall 2015. She is majoring in International Studies with a focus on Security and Intelligence as well as in Arabic. She participates in other organizations on campus, including residence life, the Model Arab League and the Arabic speaking club. She hopes to graduate in Spring 2018 and is considering going to graduate school after she recieves her undergraduate degree. 

Taylor has a strong interest in the Middle East, a passion that she developed in high school after reading books and news about the region. She has a particular interest in the countries that were involved in the Arab Spring in 2011 and on the developments they have made post-revolution. She hopes to study abroad in Jordan during the Fall 2017 semester in order to learn more about the region, as well as to develop her Arabic language skills and reach a near-native level of fluency. 

Taylor focuses primarily on evaluation at the Middle East Studies Center, assessing feedback on MESC events and analyizing the use of social media. She also is tasked with informing those in the Middle East Studies community about upcoming scholarships, job oppurtunities, and conferences. Taylor also helps write articles for the MESC blog.