Middle East Studies Center provides programing and instructional materials which connect the past to the present, and help you break down the headlines with your students.  Our goal is to bring authentic culture to your classroom, and a deeper understanding of context.  See handout for more details. Classroom support includes:

  • Abrahamic Religions Presentation: Students will compare Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Includes handouts and web resources.
  • Guest speakers/scholars who are either from the Middle East or spent significant amounts of time there.
  • Teaching activities about the Middle East that fulfill Middle School standards, such as: “World Governments”, “Religions”, “Eastern Hemisphere”. For example, Saudi Arabian Government and Citizenship.
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers, such as the webinar we hosted on “Representations of ‘the East’” – rich with content and related pedagogical strategies. 

Additional curriculum materials, presentations on standards-related topics, and training on various topics are available upon request.  Sign-up for announcements here

We also provide support by visiting classrooms and finding appropriate speakers for teachers' classrooms, and offer a comprehensive training program for teachers seeking professional development. 

MESC produces and purveys a variety of instructional materials, media, and bibliographies, as well as a list of online resources for research

If you are an OSU faculty member, you have access to a list of films formerly on VHS that now reside in the secured media library. Go to and sign in to search the collection for our titles. 

Information Sources and Research on the Middle East:

A major part of the Center’s function is to provide a reliable source of information to the public and the media. The resources have selected audiences in mind: scholars, students, teachers, media, and members of the general public. Resources for research include reference works and primary sources from Middle Eastern countries on line. In addition, a bibliography of recommended fundamental texts is provided for those beginning to study the Middle East or those widen their knowledge. Many other items are available from the web calendar (materials or recordings related to events) or can be downloaded.A number of selections are held in OSU’s library system. Those with OSU usernames and passwords can access them directly from home. Students, faculty members, and staff members affiliated with OhioLINK institutions can request books online, view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, and make use of other OhioLINK services that enhance research and education. See OhioLINK Catalog and online borrowing for instructions on how to order materials through Ohiolink and pick them up at your library. Teachers can request access to the collection (see contact info below).

Those without OSU access, can come to campus to access materials at the OSU library. Teachers are often able to check books out if they show professional identification.

The community that is invited to use the resources on this web site includes all individuals interested in learning, teaching or researching the Middle East. Please provide us with feedback about your experience using the resources, and let us know what you are doing in relation to Middle East studies. We would like to create a sense of community among individuals in Ohio and the surrounding regions, and facilitate collaboration.