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Resources For The Community

The Middle East Studies Center (MESC) is your starting point for learning about the Middle East. Our podcast will help you understand what's happening in the Middle East and break down the headlines, while our public events on campus will allow you to hear the latest scholarship on the region. MESC provides weekend workshops on Middle Eastern Cultures and training site visits to a variety of organizations on how to understand the headlines, the basics of Middle Eastern cultural diversity, and cross-cultural communication. MESC staff can also meet with business teams or individuals preparing to do work in the Middle East.  

Would you like updates on upcoming events, funding opportunities to study or share research on the Middle East, and other opportunities? Sign up for announcements of upcoming events and opportunities: http://eepurl.com/btgs_P, or join us on social media https://www.facebook.com/mesc.osuhttps://twitter.com/mesc_osu and Google+ .

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Translations/interpretations service recommendations (not provided by the Center):

For translations services please contact Assist Translations or another professional translation organization. The Middle East Studies Center is unable to provide translation services at this time.