OSU Faculty, Graduate Students and the Middle East Studies Community


Get involved. Check our upcoming events to see what is coming up, or join our email announcements list. Please let us know if you would like to help us produce educational and outreach resources, such as our current events blog "Breaking Down the Headlines" and the History Department's online magazine, "Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective".  Students are always looking for faculty members to interview for these media productions. 

Is there a topic you have expertise on? Let us know. While our affiliated faculty at OSU form the core of our scholar community, all are welcome. We provide opportunities for you to share your knowledge in local classrooms, through online activities, and programs we offer with partners such as the Columbus Council on World Affairs. We specialize in bringing the cultural context of the Middle East into research in an array of discplines. Currently, we are focused on Global Water Contexts, and researching culture through Theatre



On the Front Lines: Performing Afghanistan Announcements: