Cross Cultural Inclusion Learning Group


Cross-cultural Inclusive Teaching, Learning and Communication Group

As technology expands the scope of our learning environments, they become more global. At the same time, the efforts for inclusive teaching practices continue to fall short in the U.S. and around the world. Educators, researchers and outreach professionals are invited to share knowledge about communication, teaching and learning across cultural boundaries, both local and global. Multiple social, cultural, economic identities may be addressed, both in terms of the perspectives included in teaching materials, and the individuals participating in your courses, programs or other educational outreach work. Possible topics include:

  • Crossing the cultural boundaries of communities - culturally diverse participants in our educational activities.
  • Crossing the cultural boundaries of knowledge - diverse knowledge bases around the world, diverse languages and means of expression.
  • Social dynamics of oppression in these activities - including multiple perspectives, and acknowledging the different perspectives brought to the learning.